Joerg Boder

Director of Group HR, Alliance Boots

Working for Alliance Boots provides a great opportunity to be part of an organisation that is growing and has strong, ongoing growth targets. This is a big consideration, especially when compared to the current flat or declining markets faced by other organisations.

I also liked the confident approach Alliance Boots takes when implementing its strategy – making it an exciting, multi-cultural environment to be a part of. I believe in the transparency with which Alliance Boots conducts itself and the values it instils in its employees, and therefore in the way we operate as a Group. Managers are empowered to take on responsibility. In fact, the amount of empowerment I was given when I joined was the best I could find in the industry.

Alliance Boots employees are always striving to be efficient and effective in their service to both customers and to each other. Alliance Boots offers numerous opportunities for growth, training and advancement within the company, as well as a chance to grow as an employee. I appreciate the high standards of excellence that this company seeks from every member of its team.

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